About Us

We at Tech-Guru have one mission: to make our clients’ lives richer. In order to do that, we had to watch, analyse, and realise what was missing. And there was it – too much effort and not enough financial recognition. This is the situation for many, especially young people today. When we set out to look for the solution, we quickly spotted disbalance on the modern job market. On one hand we have a huge demand for programmers, and on the other hand, we have dissatisfied people working their days away, stuck in a workplace they dislike, doing a job they resent, and getting dissatisfying pay for it.

Then, we had an idea for how we could really help the dissatisfied youth: we had to fix this disbalance. Enabling people to gain knowledge in coding outside of the formal educational framework was the way to do this. Thus, they would be able to earn a living and study at the same time, regardless of their inflexible schedules. Thus, Tech-Guru came to be – a flexible learning platform which offers access to coding skills to anyone interested. Our platform gives you the key to numerous possibilities for a stable and fulfilling career.